After losing my daughter, Trinity, I am writing to share how her short life has transformed mine. She was like a flash of lightening, a bright light gone in an instant, but the thunder that resulted is still reverberating today. It shook me to my core, but I’m still here, albeit rearranged.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy 7th Baby Girl!

As the years multiply, my heart is filled with love and warmth at thoughts of you. I am so thankful the pain has eased exponentially. Though I still cry for you with certain songs, and when all the little girls who are your age dress up and perform at church, and when I hear of Daddy/Daughter Dances that you and your daddy cannot attend... These moments sting. But they are only moments now. I let those tears flow freely when they come, knowing there is no longer an endless supply threatening to drown me.

As my thoughts turn from me back to you, I take comfort that you are in a place devoid of tears. My mind still cannot grasp this unearthly concept, so I head back to my heart, where there is peace that truly surpasses all understanding, and there is an inexplicable assurance that we'll be together again - forever. 

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